Firewood - 2024 Season - Sold out

Mix and Match wood species - Winz quotes available

2025 season -  we are still processing and delivering for next season. Out of season discount applies.

A roaring fire can heat your home and make the winter days and nights a lot more comfortable. Achieving a roaring fire that lasts depends on the quality and species of wood you are burning. We recommend ordering your firewood before the busy season so you don't miss out. This gives you chance to store it away before the winter weather.  

Minimum delivery is 2 cube and can offer any amount delivered up to 14 cube at one time.
We deliver to the Whakatane region and Eastern Bay including the following suburbs: Ohope, Coastlands, Awakeri, *Opotiki, Edgecumbe, Matata, Otakiri, Kawerau and Rotoma.

*Our minimum delivery to Opotiki is 5 cube

Fill out our online form with your details and we will confirm your order within 2 working days. You will receive an invoice via email and this must be paid before delivery is made.

Firewood - Pine

Soft Wood Mix

$120 per cube - Seasoned wood stored outside with free delivery

$130 per cube - Shed dried stored inside with free delivery

Poplar, Willow and Production Pine. Soft wood are less dense and have the ability to light faster.
These woods burn faster and are therefore less expensive.

Firewood - Oak

Hard Wood Mix

$135 per cube - Seasoned wood stored outside with free delivery

$145 per cube - Shed dried stored inside with free delivery

Oak, Old Man Pine, Liquid Ambar, Cherry, London Plane, Macrocarpa, Cryptomeria and Cypress.
These woods have a medium density and burn for longer than soft woods.

Firewood - Gum


$150 Per Cube with Free Delivery (Outside stack only - Limited supply due to popular demand)

Gum is a hard wood and gives you longer heat, they are slower to get going, but once lit, it means you need less once they are going.
This type is the most expensive but will last longer.

Firewood - Stacking


Please enquire for prices

We can provide stacking upon delivery. Must be requested at time of order. The tick box can be selected on our order form.

Tips and Tricks for Fireplace Maintenance

  • Check the firebox for cracks and loosening joints. In a masonry fireplace also check for damage to bricks and mortar. Make minor repairs to firebox joints and cracks using refractory cement; it’s designed to handle the extreme heat conditions in a fireplace and it’s readily available at fireplace stores.
  • Open the damper completely. It should move freely and sit snugly against the throat. Make sure the metal is solid with no cracks, severe pitting, or rusted-through sections. Replacing a damper is not a do-it-yourself job; if the damper is in bad shape, hire a professional to replace it.
  • Using a high-powered flashlight or work light, look up the flue to check for damage. Metal flue liners should be clean and the joints well aligned. Tile or masonry flue liners should be solid and free of cracks. All repairs should be done by a certified professional.
  • Make sure the chimney is unobstructed of leaves and other debris that may have fallen into the chimney. Chimneys are also favourite nesting places for birds, even if it’s only been a few months since the fireplace was last used.
  • If you can’t see the entire flue from below, you’ll have to check from the roof. If you’re at all uncomfortable doing this or have no experience working on a roof, hire a professional chimney sweep to inspect and clean the chimney.


View full article on fire and stove maintenance

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